Tucannon River – Starbuck, WA

Tucannon Meats, LLC offers products from locally grown livestock that are raised according to our specifications. There can be no antibiotics, steroids, hormones or other implants used, and all animals must be born, raised and finished on the ranch. We purchase all of our beef from Tucannon Beef, LLC which is a cooperative of local ranchers. Tucannon Beef, LLC and Tucannon Meats, LLC both keep records of every animal, and we can tell you which rancher raised the animal, and when it was born.

All of our beef is grain fed for 120 days starting when the animal is about 900 pounds until they are approximately 1200 pounds.

Our business mission is to provide locally, naturally raised, meat products that can be traced to the rancher so the consumer knows what they are buying and where it came from.

Tucannon Meats specializes in boxed meats. However we also offer individually packaged meats, and custom services such as:

Beef Slaughter
Hog Slaughter
Lamb Slaughter
Cut and Wrap (Vacuum seal or Paper/Plastic)
Meat Curing